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CGI and postproduction: Luminous Creative Imaging

Sketching and design: Luminous Creative Imaging

Photography: Edo Kars

Art Direction: Michiel Bles, Dennis Tel

Brand & Project Management: Daan Versteeg, Anna Hebbeln

For Wakoopa, we had to create 3 different visuals. All should be displaying an office integrated into an electronic device. We sketched out 3 different designs for a tablet, a smart phone and a laptop and after approval started working on the rough 3D models.


After the rough models were finished, photographer Edo Kars photographed the people and furniture, which could then be integrated into the CG visuals later on. Once this was decided and the camera perspective had been worked out based on his photography, we finalised the 3D models.


In the end everything was shaded, lighted and rendered, after which the people were integrated in post.

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