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CGI & Postproduction: Luminous Creative Imaging

Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart
Client: Shell
Agency: Brandbase

This project was done together with Dutch photographer Jaap Vliegenthart. He and Luminous were asked to create a 100 meters wide visual to cover up the construction site of the renovation of the Shell HQ building in the Hague.


The visual would be a cross/section of the actual building, showing all kinds of different rooms, each containing one of Shell´s various divisions.

We started out by taking the rough pencil sketches made by the agency and transforming them in rough 3D mockups to cut out the rough shape of the complete building with rooms. After this, we combined CG and photography to create each and every room and put them all together in post.


The file is huge and contains so much information that every room is a detailed visual onto itself! A great project to have worked on and a wonderful challenge to have completed!

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