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Postproduction and CGI: Luminous Creative Imaging
Modelmaking and design
: Luminous Creative Imaging
Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart
Agency: JWT New York

For Schick (a brand of shaving foam in the US), we were asked to create figures that were coming out of a foam beard in this way telling little stories about the person. The figures would rise from the foam as if they were made from the actual foam.

We used small wooden mannequins as a base and by remodeling them with wax and cardboard, we created the poses of the people. These we spraypainted white and let them dry. After this we shot each figure seperately and covered them with shaving foam that we applied in various ways (foam bath, brushes, etc) to create the different styles we needed. These were then photographed by us in our own studio in a miniature set. Everything was then put together and integrated in Photoshop, where each figure was composited together from different shots.

A great project to have worked on!

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