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CGI and Postproduction: Luminous Creative Imaging
Concept design & development: Luminous Creative Imaging
Photography: Luminous Creative Imaging

Kids are dreamers and have great imagination!


Sitting at the table and enjoying their breakfast, their mind wanders off and they start to see fantastic things. A small boy looks at his cereal bowl and a roaring dragon emerges from the milk in his mind! Somewhere else a girl lazily stares at her pancakes while honey is poured on top of it. In her mind the slowly pouring honey starts to form snails crawling around her pancakes! 


Fantastic breakfast is a portfolio project we've been working on for some time and now it's finally finished! It combines photography with 3D and has been completely realized by Luminous, from concept to execution. The backgrounds and the children have been photographed, while everything else has been modeled and rendered in 3D.

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